Join the mobile discipleship movment!

Personal and Group Study Wherever You Go.

Capture your moments to explore God’s Word , make notes, ask the teacher, connect with your group and share with students around the world.  We want to bring new meaning to “mobile discipleship missions.”

A new era of connected, interactive discipleship is here.

Join with us in the movement to unleash the power of technology in service of God’s mission on earth.


It’s not just about distributing good teaching of God’s Word, but a discipleshp movement of connected study around the world.

Today’s mobile devices not only can greatly enhance personal study but have the power to connect us to fellow students and teachers around the world.

Personal Study

Dig deep to build your personal understanding and relationhip with God..

Study as a group

Multiply insights as you join with others in a formal or informal study group.

Lead Your Group

See how eeasy it is to lead a small group study or faciltate church-wide discipleship.

Disciple the nations

Explore study connections around the world with those that hunger for God’s Word.

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